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There Comes a Moment When You Say "MY Church"

There comes a point when we change the way we talk about church. We might start out saying “I go to such-and-such church.” But somewhere along the way we discover a place where we belong. And that’s often when you’ll hear people say, “This is my church.” That’s a good time to ask if you’re ready to become a member of the congregation. When church stops being a place you go to and starts to be a significant part of your life membership is a way of expressing a commitment to this particular group of people and this community.

In the United Methodist Church, we ask members to make a promise. We pledge to support the church and its ministries through prayers, presence, gifts, service, and witness. In other words,

  • Will you pray for one another, for the world, and for the congregation to have the gifts and spiritual power to do its work in the world?
  • Will you be present in worship each week and find a small group to help grow your faith?
  • Will you support the church and its ministries financially?
  • Will be engaged in the church’s work of making disciples and transforming the world by giving of your time in some form of ministry?
  • Will you share what God is doing in your life and in the church with others?

We should never take these words lightly. Membership is a big step. It is a covenant, a promise, that we make to one another. But if you’ve been touched by what God is doing in your life, and if you want to be part of this congregation’s life of proclaiming the Good News and changing the world for the sake of Jesus Christ, then Rev. Alex Tracy would love to talk with you about what it may mean for you to be a member.